Sunday, August 14, 2011


One of the biggest mistakes buyers make is not being prepared once the decision has been made to purchase a home. Here are some helpful hints.

1. Have a Pre-Qualification letter ready so we can make a copy for presenting an offer. This not only lets the seller's agent know you are a qualified buyer but speaking to your lender will give you a firm house buying budget. If you don't have a Bank or Lender, please contact us. We can put you in touch with several local lenders. In most cases, you can be qualified over the phone in less than 15 minutes.

2. Let us know what you are looking for. House, Canal, Waterfront, Gated, Condo, Townhouse, Minimum Acceptable: Bedrooms, Baths, Square Footage, Garage Space, Amenities. This will enable us to set up and email you a link to your personal 'Client Portal'. Be sure to bookmark the site once you click 'View Listings'. You will automatically be notified via email when new or revised listings hit the market that match your search.

3. Search your personal 'Client Portal' of all available properties that match your criteria in hint #2. While this search serves as a valuable tool, educating our buyers on pricing and what to expect, it is very important that you use the 'Save" and 'Rejected' options so we can get to know your likes and dislikes to serve you better. Remember, criteria can be revised with a quick email to us.

4. Once you have your Florida trip planned, allow 2-3 days to view homes. Please give us 2 weeks notice of the dates to view property so we may schedule and prepare for your arrival.

5. Bring your pre-qualification letter or Proof of funds equal to or exceeding your expected purchase price.

6. Bring your checkbook. You will be required include a check for an Earnest Money Deposit.

7. Be prepared to be open and honest about your likes and dislikes while viewing homes. Depending on your budget, we may have many properties to view. The in and out approach for any properties that are not close to what you are looking for wastes precious time. Make plenty of notes on the contenders and we may have time to take a second look the same day.

8. Once you have found your dream home, it will take about 2 hours to prepare the paperwork, sign and submit an offer.

I hope these hints were helpful. Please feel free to contact us anytime. By phone 239-243-5989 By email

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