Sunday, August 14, 2011


Staging your house for sale . . . is the new buzz phrase in real estate.
Most experienced salespeople have been helping sellers stage their homes to sell for years . . . we call it preparing your home to show its best. We feel a real estate salesperson who works with buyers and sellers everyday selling homes knows more about preparing a home for sale than a home than a home stager who does not and in many cases never sold a home.

Some agents do not have the experience to tell a seller how to prepare a home for sale or are uncomfortable telling sellers to clean, paint, fix deodorize un clutter etc. so they get someone else to do the job. Some agents offer service to look “up-to-date” with new selling techniques.

One of an agent’s toughest jobs is to be totally up front with a Seller. If they are hesitant to tell the seller what has to be done to get the best price and terms, how will they be up front with other things sellers don’t like to hear like the realistic market value of their home or that the asking price has to be lowered.

Call on the Team you can trust, Call on The Mary Neilson Team

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