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Choosing a Cape Coral Realtor or Fort Myers Realtor is critical when you decide to list your home.

Selling a home today is a complex transaction.  The best way to deal with all the complexities is to use the services of a qualified Realtor.  Your Realtor only gets paid if she or he accomplishes the results YOU want.  Realtors have all the marketing tools and the years of experience that can be put to work for you.

Get it Sold!
Pricing    Nothing substitutes for proper pricing.  Your asking price will either attract buyers to visit your home or discourage them from considering an appointment at all.  Proper pricing is achieved only after you review with your Realtor of the current real estate market competitive homes for sale now and those that have recently sold.  Remember, searches are done on the computer and the computer is NOT forgiving.  If you price yourself just outside a bracket, say $205,000 but you know you would take $195,000. you have just missed ALL the potential buyers that clicked their search max price at UP TO $200,000.  The buyers won't even see your listing because it won't show up on their list.  If the potential buyer, doesn't see your home, they can't fall in love and make an offer.

Appearance  Your home has only one chance to make a first impression.  Make it count!  Wow the Realtors and their customers who come to see your home.  Leave nothing to chance.  Give every feature a critical eye at to how it can look its best.  Don't be thin skinned.  Ask a friend or relative to do a walk through with you.  It never hurts to have an extra point of view.

Showings  The roll of the seller is critical during showings.  If the buyers feel that the seller is putting pressure on them or they can't ask questions of their Realtor without being overheard by the seller, they will want to get out of the house as soon as possible.  For this reason,  sellers must either leave the house prior to showing or maintain a low profile while in the house.

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