Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Selling your home can be a nerve racking event, but only if you allow it to be.  Remember, YOU have decided it's time to sell.  YES, you may have raised a family in this house or painted and decorated this house BUT, don't forget, it is a house.  And for whatever reason, you have decided it's time to go.  The potential buyer didn't make this decision for you.  YOU made the decision.  Now that you have those pesty thoughts out of your head and you are thinking logically, let's concentrate on how you are going to make your home look it's best for company (showings) and bring you the MOST money at the closing table.

FIRST UP.  Walk the entire house and check the floor.  Pick up shoes by the doors, brooms leaning on door jambs, newspapers and magazines piled in the corner.  You get the idea.

THE KITCHEN.  Start with your countertops. I love small appliances as much as the next person BUT if a new item comes in, something MUST go.  Take a good, hard look at your counters.  If you don't use the item everyday, store it in the cabinet.  If you haven't used it in the last month, pack it up for the move.  If you can't remember the last time you used it, GIVE it to charity.  Salt and Pepper shakers, napkin holder, recipe box or books, STORE EM.  When was the last time you could see your refrigerator?  REMOVE the notes and magnets.  If you can't bear to throw them away, box them for your move.  Buy a smaller garbage can and store it under the sink.  You can place your old can in the garage and throw the smaller bags of trash in it.


THE BATHROOM.  Again, the countertops.  No one wants to see your deodorant, lotions, foot cream and I won't even go in to the things I have seen.  These items can be placed in a basket and pulled out for shower time and put away before you head out the door.  Oh the shower!  How many shampoo bottles do you need in there? Take a peek, I'll bet you will be surprised what you find.  Oh, the last one in the bathroom, windex that mirror, wipe out the sink, straighten the towels and close the lid.


THE LINEN CLOSET.  Are you saving bath towels that matched your 1976 color scheme just in case harvest gold comes back.  Get rid of them.  Fold or roll the remaining linens neatly to show your potential buyer there is plenty of room.  Add baskets for soaps and things.

Organized Linen Closet

THE CLOTHES CLOSETS.  This is easy.  Buy shoe racks and assemble.  They come in stack-ables too.  Get all the shoes off the floor and on the racks if you can.  Now is the time to go through your clothing.  The same principle as in the kitchen applies only this time, try this.  Try to imagine.  If you have grabbed a blouse or sweater more than once, to wear in the morning and hung it back on the hanger.  That piece NEEDS to go to charity.  Use your bed to organize piles before you bag the items.  Grab a pen and paper, count the stack, voila. Plus a nice tax deduction.  Then, THIS IS IMPORTANT, pick out your favorites outfits and box the rest for the move.  I hope you are marking these boxes with a sharpie as you go.

 Don't forget to wipe down the woodwork & doorjambs, dust the ceiling fans and have those carpets cleaned!

Next Week I'll Blog About The Outside Spruce Up.

I hope this blog was good for a laugh and useful when you are ready to sell your Fort Myers home, Cape Coral real estate, Estero Home or Bonita Springs condo. 

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